ZENEDGE Express™


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Affordable Web Application Firewall & DDoS Protection for SMBs

ZENEDGE Express™ is a feature-rich cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF), bot mitigation and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service, specifically designed for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).

Available through ZENEDGE and its partners, with instant on-boarding

An entirely cloud-based service, ZENEDGE Express offers simple self-provisioning within minutes.  With Zenedge Express, you are moments away from getting full cybersecurity protection for your web application.

Feature-rich and easy on the budget

Zenedge Express delivers a cloud-based web application security solution with a robust feature-set not found in other products in its price category.  It feautures:  

  • Web Application Firewal (WAF) with pre-configured rules for OWASP Top 10, including SQL injections, XSS and more
  • Basic Malicious Bot Mitigation and Management functionality
  • Built-in Layer 3, 4 and 7 DDoS mitigation
  • Wizard-driven self-provisioning in under 5 minutes
  • 24-hour email support


With Zenedge Express, we have a comprehensive yet affordable Cloud-based cybersecurity solution , without having to compromise on quality or capabilities of the security service.