Better Web Application Security

Enterprise Grade Web Application Firewall

Malicious Bot Detection and Mitigation

100% Cloud Based Multi-tenant Platform

Managed 24x7 by top cybersecurity experts

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Industry's Best Security Dashboard


Implementing and managing your web application security policies, WAF and DDoS settings shouldn't be complicated. And with our intuitive ZENEDGE Control Center, it isn't.  With customizable and configurable rule sets, you can adjust your security posture, monitor suspicious traffic and respond to threats with ease.

Threat Intelligence and Monitoring


Our cybersecurity team provides daily Dark Web and threat intelligence monitoring to ensure your web application is protected against the latest and most sophisticated attacks.  With our instant threat updates across our global Points of Presence, you can rest assured that your protection is iron clad.

Enhanced with Performance in Mind


Web site protection has always been at the cost of your site performance. But no longer. Our advanced content caching capabilities, coupled with our patent-pending Zentags™ dynamic content caching engine, provide significant performance increases.    

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Do not settle for WAF solutions that rely solely on signatures.

Find out more about ZENEDGE AI, our brand new artificial intelligence WAF engine, which leverages machine learning and big data analysis to detect and eliminate bad actors in real time, without having to rely on rules and other signature-based protection techniques.

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The average time to detect a security breach is 170 days. 
Are your web properties vulnerable?