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With Global Cyber Attacks On the Rise, Zenedge Says Artificial Intelligence Holds the Answer

In the wake of the ransomware epidemic, massive hacks and global cyber warfare – Zenedge urges enterprises to invest in cloud cybersecurity with artificial intelligence and machine learning at its core

Las Vegas, NV – Black Hat USA 2017 – July 25, 2017 – Cyber threats are growing larger in size, sophistication and complexity every day – and enterprises are failing to keep up with the speed and magnitude of these attacks. Zenedge, a leading global provider of cloud-based, artificial intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, believes that businesses of all sizes must invest in cloud-based security with a strong foundation in automation, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to dynamically create and manage security postures, identify threats and mitigate attacks. 

“Everyone at Black Hat claims they have the silver bullet to stop cyber attacks – but without a cohesive security strategy based on automation, AI and machine learning, enterprises will continue to fall prey to hackers,” said Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst, Zenedge. “Too many businesses are still relying on internal resources and hardware with a short shelf life and capacity – essentially, they’re left bailing water out of a sinking ship. Hackers are innovative – they’re using automation, bots, artificial intelligence – and the only way to fight back is to pit ‘robot against robot’, using adaptive technology to replace antiquated and otherwise obsolete systems.”

Zenedge provides the following advice for enterprises to proactively and effectively combat emerging threats: 

  • Take the Fight to the Cloud: Cloud represents scale and it is essential that security teams have a cloud strategy in place. Transition your defense to a cloud cybersecurity solution that provides virtually unlimited capacity for mitigating attacks of any size and complexity.
  • Fight Robots - With Robots: Hackers are innovative and at the bleeding edge of the latest tech, leveraging AI to craft attacks designed to evolve on their own and evade your defenses. Choose an effective defense strategy capitalizing on machine learning and AI to dynamically adapt to evolving attack techniques and defeat zero day threats.
  • Identify a Team of Experts: Identify vendors with cybersecurity focus and expertise, who have the scale, capacity and cloud infrastructure to identify and mitigate threats at the edge of the network, far away from the organizations’ infrastructure. Choose a vendor that provides a complete solution with 24x7 managed security, acting as the natural extension to your internal IT organization.

With over 800,000 web applications and networks under its protection since the launch of its cloud-based cybersecurity managed service in the Fall of 2014, the Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite protects against website vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks, API security holes and malware.  Offered as a fully-managed security service, the Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite is a multi-tenant hosted platform with globally distributed POPs (points of presence) and geographically dispersed DDoS mitigation centers, coupled with security operation centers monitoring and mitigating attacks 24/7. At the core of the Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite is proprietary machine learning algorithms, coupled with threat intelligence and big data analysis.

“We’ve reached a point where traditional IT security teams and on premise hardware-based tools are not enough – and frankly, they’re being outwitted every day,” said Yuri Frayman, CEO, Zenedge. “It is impossible for any business to react quickly enough to the evolving threat landscape without relying on automation based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to effectively outsmart the attackers.”

Zenedge will be showcasing the Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite at Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada at booth 1954. To learn more about Zenedge visit http://www.zenedge.com. 

About Zenedge

Zenedge is a leading, global provider of cloud-based, artificial intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions. The Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Zenedge AI inspects web traffic in real-time, identifies threats and behavior anomalies and dynamically updates security postures accordingly – enabling enterprises to take an adaptive and proactive approach to securing their web applications and networks. 

Zenedge protects over 800,000 web applications and networks for organizations in eCommerce, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Gaming, Government, Healthcare, Media and Technology industries. Zenedge is headquartered in Aventura, Florida . For more information, visit www.zenedge.com or follow us on Twitter: @ZENEDGEprotect.

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