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Stehen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst Zenedge offers opinion on this recent breach at Hardrock Hotels and Casinos:

"Sometimes the most obvious, is the most overlooked. Third-party network breaches equate to downstream partner breaches, and in this case, it appears the damages were widespread. The industry has got to do better. According to the recent reports, hackers had access to systems for nearly six months, completely undetected. Who would of thought a seemingly harmless inventory app would be the doorway in? Hackers always take the easiest path." 

By Chris Brook -For the second time in the past year the Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos franchise is encouraging guests to keep tabs on their bank account statements for suspicious activity.

The hotel, resort, and casino chain on Thursday said it was alerted on June 6 that its systems were impacted by a security incident involving Sabre Hospitality Solutions (SHS) SynXis, an inventory management SaaS application.

According to SEC filings, Sabre had been investigating a data breach involving SynXis back in May. The SynXis service is used by nearly 500 hospitality companies, but until this week it wasn’t clear exactly which hotels were impacted.

According to a press release on Thursday, 11 Hard Rock properties, including the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas and the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, were affected by the Sabre breach. As part of the breach, the chain claims an attacker gained access to SynXis account credentials, something which gave them access to unencrypted payment card information and a number of reservations processed via the reservation system. Continue reading original article here

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