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Daily News Reports from the Financial Times: Maersk, WPP and FedEx still struggling with cyber attack fallout

Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst at Zenedge offers an opinion on the latest news featured below from the Financial Times:

"The incidents of Ransomware epidemics will continue for the foreseeable future. From legitimate websites hosting malicious updates, and people's continued inability to not get phished, to the usage of antiquated network protocols aiding in the lateral spread of infection, and the increase in copycat performers, experts all agree this is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect more of the same!" Please contact Zenedge here

By: Aliya Ram in London, Roman Olearchyk in Kiev and Henry Foy in Moscow 

Groups still feeling effects a week after ransomware spread from Ukraine

Some ports remain hobbled, packages are going missing and customers are struggling to place and track orders in the wake of the attack © Reuters

Global companies ranging from shipping lines to advertising firms are still struggling with the havoc wreaked by the huge cyber attack that last week swept from Ukraine to organisations in more than 60 countries.

AP Moller-Maersk, WPP,Reckitt Benckiser and FedEx all said their businesses were still not back to normal after the ransomware attack last week compromised hundreds of thousands of computers, industrial equipment and other technology.

Some ports remain hobbled, packages are going missing and customers are struggling to place and track orders, the companies said. Read full article here 

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Feature Article with Yuri Frayman, CEO at ZENEDGE by Canadian Manufacturing - The Next Big Attack: WannaCry could be just the beginning

by Will Mazgay, Digital Editor - Original Article is Here - While the world is still recovering from the global ransomware attack that crippled the digital world, one cybersecurity expert predicts future attacks are on the way, and soon.

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Daily News Reports from the Jamaican Observer: Britain, Germany brace for pre-election cyber attacks

7 May 2017 -LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) – Britain and Germany were already beefing up cyber security ahead of key elections even before the hacking attack on France's Emmanuel Macron, months after Hillary Clinton was caught in the online crosshairs.Clinton recently reiterated her view that Russian hacking of her campaign's emails was partly to blame for her defeat in last year's US presidential election to Donald Trump.

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Daily News Reports from WIRED Magazine: Don’t Open That Google Doc Unless You’re Positive It’s Legit

By LILY HAY NEWMAN -  If you get a Google Doc link in your inbox today, scrutinize it carefully before you click—even if it looks like it comes from someone you trust. A nasty phishing scam that impersonates a Google Docs request has swept the internet today, including a decent chunk of media companies. You’ve heard “think before you click” a million times, but it really could save you from a whole lot of hassle.

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23 April By Paul Smedley Original article is here

IHG said it was made aware of the hack after payment card networks identified patterns of unauthorized charges following legitimate use at locations of the hotel chain.  

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Bobs Guide Press Release: Cybersecurity Regulations Under the Trump Administration: Financial Services, part 1

Infrastructure | Services | Risk Management Systems | Marketing / PR | Trading Systems | Global Payments & Transfers | Consultancy 

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BIZETY.com Reports: Market Insight: CDN. Edge Security. Infrastructure.ZENEDGE Posts Third Straight Quarter of Record Growth

Demand for cutting-edge bot detection and DDoS mitigation services has been growing in leaps and bounds in recent years, as the relentless arms race between hackers and cybersecurity researchers has bred a new crop of advanced cyberthreats. Recent, highly publicized hacking incidents have put the looming threat of further intrusions firmly on everyone’s minds. And, with the holiday shopping season in full swing, enterprises have been clamoring for cloud-based, turnkey cybersecurity solutions to thwart everything from DDoS attacks to malicious SQL injections.

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Thomson Reuters Reports: "British Banks Keep Cyber Attacks Under Wraps to Protect Image," with Yuri Frayman, Chief Executive ZENEDGE

Britain's banks are not reporting the full extent of cyber attacks to regulators for fear of punishment or bad publicity, bank executives and providers of security systems say.

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