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Daily News Reports from Value Walk: Half Of UK Businesses Have suffered A Cyber Security Breach Or Attack In The Last 12 Months

22 June - NEW DATA reveals 76% of UK CEO’s believe a cyber security breach to be a significant threat to business in 2017; significantly higher than global peers at just 61%. Consequently, 97% of British CEO’s are currently addressing possible cyber breaches in their organisation; far higher than the global average figure of 90%. 

Richard Home, UK cyber security partner at PwC comments: “Most business boards now recognise that cyber security is a complex risk that requires their attention. The most successful leaders will be those who define a comprehensive, broad approach to governing cyber security.”

In defence of this, 58% of businesses have sought information, advice or guidance on the cyber security threats facing their organisations. Continue reading original article here

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Yuri Frayman, CEO, Zenedge, talks with ITSPmagazine about the latest NHS ransomware attack

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Daily News Reports from The Industry Spread: ZENEDGE Expands Cybersecurity in EMEA

By RICARDO ESTEVES  - ZENEDGE, the leading artificial intelligence cybersecurity solutions provider, has announced plans to expand in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, areas that already represent 40% of the firm’s total revenues. 

ZENEDGE has appointed Aftab Afzal as Senior Vice President for EMEA Sales to lead the initiative. Based in London and with over 20 years’ experience in Internet security, Afzal has held management positions with leading Internet service providers, end-point protection companies, and cloud security organizations, including NSFOCUS and Akamai Technologies. Continue reading here

ZENEDGE works to protect thousands of businesses from Cyber-crime harm. We are here to help so please contact us here


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