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Daily News Reports from InfoSecurity Magazine: Breaches Set to Grow in 2018 but Security Investments Stall

By Phil Muncaster  - More than half (53%) of UK executives think data breach attempts will grow next year but less than half will increase cybersecurity investments, according to Ovum. 

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Daily News Reports from The Miami Herald with An Exclusive of ZENEDGE CEO Yuri Frayman: What’s next after ‘massive disruption’ from cyber-attack? A view from the trenches

By Nancy Dahlberg, Technology Editor at the Miami Herald

As the cyber-attack continues to spread around the globe causing massive disruption and damages for universities, hospitals, automakers and many other businesses including FedEx, only one thing is certain: It won’t be the last. 

That’s because the cyber criminals are running a multi- billion enterprise with the help of ultra-sophisticated tools, said Yuri Frayman, co-founder and CEO of Aventura-based cybersecurity company Zenedge. The company, which launched in 2014 after two years of development, helps companies worldwide protect their web applications and networks against cyber-attacks with its proprietary technology.

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Daily News Reports from Enterprise Innovation:  Banks not doing enough to test cybersecurity posture

Reported By Allan Tan 8 May, 2017 -   “Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.”

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Daily News Reports from FT Adviser: FCA says firms ignoring cyber security basics

FCA says firms ignoring cyber security basics 
By Damian Fantato Original Article Published Here

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Bobs Guide Press Release: Cybersecurity Regulations Under the Trump Administration: Financial Services, part 1

Infrastructure | Services | Risk Management Systems | Marketing / PR | Trading Systems | Global Payments & Transfers | Consultancy 

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Thomson Reuters Reports: "British Banks Keep Cyber Attacks Under Wraps to Protect Image," with Yuri Frayman, Chief Executive ZENEDGE

Britain's banks are not reporting the full extent of cyber attacks to regulators for fear of punishment or bad publicity, bank executives and providers of security systems say.

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"Financial Institutions are Vulnerable to Cyber Attack as the Increase in Technologies Improve" Published at Sys- Con Media

Financial Institutions Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks | @CloudExpo #Cloud #Cybersecurity 

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CRUNCH NETWORK : From the streets to The Street by Leon Kuperman

TECHCRUNCH with CTO, Leon Kuperman 6 April, 2016

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