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Exelegent Gets Smarter with ZENEDGE Cybersecurity Solution Offering Market Leading Web Application Firewall and DDoS Protection

Zenedge + Exelegent to Offer Managed Services for Hospitals, Medical Providers, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research Organizations and Medical Devices to Ensure Cyber Attack Readiness and Prevention, and Compliance with HIPAA Regulations.


Exelegent, a technology managed services company that specializes in security and compliance, announced today a partnership with ZENEDGE, a leader in cloud-based cybersecurity solutions focused on preventing malicious cyber-attacks targeted at the healthcare sector and others. The two companies joined forces to help prepare healthcare organizations and their business associates for Phase II HIPAA Audits, recently announced by The OCR (Office for Civil Rights).

“ZENEDGE helps satisfy HIPAA’s contingency plan requirements when used as part of a complete HIPAA compliance program,” says Exelegent CEO Vasil Vykhopen. “We intend to leverage ZENEDGE cybersecurity capabilities to ensure our healthcare customers are compliant with HIPAA regulations.”

The department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provides a practices guide to help organizations create and implement contingency plans. Contingency planning is defined as “the strategy and organized course of action that is to be taken if things don’t go as planned or if there is a loss of use of the established business product or system due to a disaster such as a flood, fire, computer virus, or major failure."

Health and Human Services (HHS) uses NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Special Publication SP800-34 to lay out a 7 Step contingency planning process. ZENEDGE applies directly to Step 3 in NIST’s 7-step contingency planning process: "Identify and implement preventive controls and measures to reduce the effects of disruptions, increase availability, and reduce contingency costs." The OCR noted over 200 covered entities will be audited in the next year and any healthcare covered entity without a formal, written contingency plan will be considered non-compliant.

“Our Cloud-based Web Application Firewall leverages artificial intelligence to reduce web application deployment cycles by weeks, and our under 60 seconds DDoS time-to-mitigate capabilities sets a new standard in the cybersecurity industry,” said Yuri Frayman, Chief Executive Officer of ZENEDGE. “We are pleased to provide the technology foundation to couple with the Exelegent domain expertise, to deliver a custom tailored solution to the healthcare industry.”


About Exelegent
Exelegent is a technology managed services company that specializes in security and compliance. With headquarters in Freehold, NJ a technology development data center and lab in Newark, NJ and a 24/7 NOC, call center, and R&D team in L’viv, Ukraine, Exelegent provides technology solutions, product and business development, healthcare services, cloud environments, and security and compliance services to medium-sized and enterprise businesses across the country.

ZENEDGE is a leading global provider of cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) driven Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS cybersecurity solutions. ZENEDGE is PCI Level 1 certified and protects thousands of web applications and networks for companies in eCommerce, Energy, Gaming, Financial Services, SaaS, Technology, Media &Entertainment, Healthcare and Government industries. ZENEDGE is headquartered in Aventura, Florida, and lead by technical pedigrees who have exited to Google. For more information, visit http://www.zenedge.com.

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