ZENEDGE Bot Management

`Advanced Malicious Bot Detection
and Mitigation Platform

The world's most sophisticated security runtime and bot detection engine.

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Malicious bots are used by bad actors to perform a number of attacks against organizations such as Content Scraping, Advertising Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Comment SPAM and Application Layer DDoS attacks. These types of attacks are dangerous because they drain application resources such as dynamically generated web content, database resources, search index resources, ecommerce components, and API endpoints. 

Compute resources that are deployed in next generation botnets (zombies) have fixed malware running on each bot, which can be updated by the command and control server from time to time. Zombies typically have headless browsers running in the background, so users that are compromised don’t realize that their computer is being used as part of a botnet.

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ZENEDGE utilizes advanced bot detection techniques to identify and block bad and/or suspicious bot activity, while making sure legitimate bot traffic from Google, Facebook and others continue to access your web applications as intended.  By deploying malicious bot countermeasures, ZENEDGE is able to reduce the impact of malicious bots, while also improving the performance and accessibility of your web applications.

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A botnet is a network of computers infected with malicious software (aka malware) that allows them to be controlled by an attacker, or bot-herder, often without the owner's knowledge.  Botnets are used to commit a variety of cybercrimes such as spam, scams, hacks and distributed denial of service attacks.

Computers called command and control (C&C) servers are responsible for commanding the infected computers, allowing the bot-herder to put the botnet to use.  Bot-herders also often sell or rent out parts of their botnet to other attackers for their own use.  The larger the botnet, the more cybercrime it can be used to commit.

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