Cybersecurity for Government

Gone are the days of limited protection. Never find your government website or web application vulnerable again.

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Because you can't afford anything less than total protection.

Your constituents expect for their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to be safe with you. As a government entity, you need protection from any and all cybersecurity threats.  

But cybersecurity threats have changed.  As political hacktivists increase in number and threat sophistication evolves, traditional cybersecurity solutions no longer work.  

Our extensive experience in cyberthreat assessment and mitigation for governments across the globe ensures your web applications continue to operate and service legitimate traffic, while we ward off malicious bots and mitigate DDoS attacks with minimal disruption to your service or your constituents' access .

Secure total protection for your agency or institution today.

  • Best-in-class Cloud-based Web Application Firewall & DDoS mitigation.
  • Dedicated bandwidth and expert staff to mitigate large DDoS attacks and ward off attack against your web site vulnerabilities.
  • Designed to mitigate even the largest high-gigabit, randomized, multi-vector attacks.
  • Always-on DDoS mitigation service ensure minimal effect on legitimate traffic.


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ZENEDGE truly understands the critical nature of running a government web site and the value we place in protecting our web properties and the information.  The Cloud-based deployment is a snap and the 24x7 monitoring and protection is unparalleled.