cyberattacksIf your web site or web application is under DDoS attack or otherwise compromised, turn to ZENEDGE for expert support.

ZENEDGE has cybersecurity experts on staff across the globe as well as a 24×7 Security Operations Center.

Our team can quickly assess the nature of the attack, and help you get back up and running with a a Cloud-based security layer.

With a few easy steps, we can have your web applications secured with legitimate traffic flowing through to your Origin.

Leverage ZENEDGE Intelligence & Expertise:

  • Analysis. Leveraging our expertise in cyber attacks and analysis tools found l in our Security Operation Center, we will identify the source, type and magnitude of the attack.
  • Industry Expertise. ZENEDGE cybersecurity engineers have deep expertise in cyber attack analysis and recovery efforts. Our engineers are constantly on the lookout for signs of zero-day vulnerabilities and targeted attacks.

ZENEDGE will work with your team to enable crisis management, to minimize the business impact of an attack, while getting your web applications back up and running as quickly as possible.

We are under attack.

Any information you share with us about your company and the attack is kept confidential.