• Change Cybersecurity.

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We're looking for big thinkers and hard workers to help us simplify cybersecurity.

We are a flat organization that thrives on contribution from every team member. We respect ideas, entrepreneurial ideals and team spirit.

If you are passionate about technology, and want to make a significant impact in the way organizations protect themselves from cyber threats, all while making a good living – we are the right match for you.

Our offices are in Los Angeles, CA and Kaunas, Lithuania, but we have talented team members everywhere.

We're a close team, committed to building exceptional solutions while delivering truly excellent cybersecurity customer service and protection.

We offer:

  • Brilliant coworkers with a focus on personal growth and excellence.
  • Thought leadership in our communities, hosting local start up events and participating in round table discussions.
  • Raving customers from every industry and across the globe.
  • A dedication to simplify what it takes to protect web sites and networks. 
  • A commitment to delivering the best customer service in the industry. 
  • Competitive compensation, stock options and health benefits.
  • Proven and experienced leadership and founder team.
  • Trust and autonomy in our team.

If you are the best at what you do and want to work with smart, motivated and fun people, send along your resume and LinkedIn profile today.


Engineering, SOC and DevOps

We are looking for amazing developers and technologists who love a challenge, work hard and play hard to develop state-of-the art technology.

C/C++ superstars – Kaunas, Lithuania; Los Angeles, California; Aventura, Florida

Ruby on Rails developers – Kaunas, Lithuania; Los Angeles, California; Aventura, Florida

Java developers – Kaunas Lithuania QA Analysts – Kaunas, Lithuania; Aventura, Florida

DevOps specialists – Kaunas, Lithuania; Los Angeles, CA; Aventura, Florida

SOC Engineers - Kaunas, Lithuania; Los Angeles, CA; Aventura, Florida


We are looking for sales professionals with experience in the cybersecurity enterprise sales arena.

Sales Engineers – New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Aventura, FL

Partner Development Manager -  Western Europe


We are looking for technical marketing professionals with expertise in social media, content creation, HubSpot, with a great command of the English language

Social Media Marketing Manager - Aventura, FL

Content Marketing - Aventura FL


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