Effectively Combatting Malicious Bots in 2017

2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of Cisco’s declaration that “botnets are the primary security threat on the Internet today.” At the time, it was consumers’ access to broadband connections that gave botnets the ability to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks; today, unsecured Internet of Things (IoT) devices on even higher speed networks are (for now) the culprit. Despite advances in preventive and detective controls, bots remain a formidable and ever increasing threat to the integrity of business applications and information. 

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A Healthcare Provider’s Cyber Attack Survival Plan

Lack of readiness and a hunger for personal health data on the black market makes hospitals and doctors’ offices soft, fat targets for cyber crimes and extortion.

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Cyber Crime Alert Impact: When you're not protected from DDoS attacks this Christmas & Holiday Season

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, attacks are a clear and present threat to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. DDoS attacks aim to knock web services and network connectivity offline by bombarding servers with millions of packets and requests that overload their target’s ability to handle them. As such, DDoS attacks are increasingly being considered as a business continuity risk; not just an information security or IT issue.

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The Bad Guys will always have more bandwidth!

We’ve all read in the news about the latest record-breaking DDoS attacks.

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IMPACT: Real world complications when a Fortune 100 Company is not secure. Yahoo shareholders have a right to be angry.

After agreeing to buy the company for $4.8 billion in August, Verizon is pushing back on the deal and reportedly asking for a billion-with-a-b dollar discount — all based on the crazy assertion that Yahoo’s cavalier approach to security has impacted the company’s reputation and value.

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The Dyn DDOS Attack: Valuable Lessons in Asymmetrical Warfare

Lessons learned from the recent cyber attacks and how to prepare for the next wave. 

An army of baby monitors, televisions, DVD players, refrigerators, medical devices, and other Internet of Things devices was able to gang up and bring down some of the biggest brands on the web just a couple weeks ago. Amazon, CNBC.com, PayPal, Netflix, Spotify, and Twitter were unavailable to customers for hours. The cyber criminals didn’t attack those internet giants directly, though. Instead, they punched holes in their infrastructure by targeting Dyn Inc., their shared domain name system services provider, with a DDOS attack. A bunch of companies you’ve never heard of, also Dyn customers, also went down.

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What are Zentags™ and how you can get through the roof performance for your site in minutes…

## Preventing death by a thousand cuts: Zentags vs. Denial-of-service.

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Feature of Networking : Network Automation "Some people equate network automation with script but it’s lot more than that," says ZENEDGE Security & Networks Architecture Engineer

Automation route network task isn’t all about scripting; its also about mean intelligent control and policy-based networking. Many companies nowadays depend on automation capability in their hardware and software. Network automation means tasks are performing automatically based on defined criteria. A simple definition of network automation is “what engineers use to type manually via command versus automation smart scripting.”

The benefits to having automation is less human interaction which means less error. 

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What Motivates a Cyber Criminal?

A look into cyber-criminal psychology and why these criminals are so dangerous to business owners. 

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The Hidden Dangers of Client Side Content Injection from Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer & Firewall As a Service (FaaS) Expert

Introduction: Most endeavours people undertake are subject to the 80/20 principle, sometimes referred to as “the vital few and the trivial many”. Web application security may be said to also be subject to it - most of the attacks can be dodged by hiding the error messages and infrastructure information, getting the auth and session management right, following secure development practice cheatsheets that abound on the internet - the vital few. Having a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in front of your backend web server brings you to the home stretch (well almost… But not quite). A vulnerability that is immune to conventional WAF detection and prevention mechanisms exists and can be encountered on the internet - DOM based Cross Site Scripting (XSS), leveraging the URL anchor a.k.a fragment identifier (#). In this sense it is the “hidden”, the “sometimes forgotten”, it is part of those “20%”, that has the potential to bring you “80%” of your problems [1].

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