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Introducing ZENEDGE AI

The world's best artificial intelligence Web Application Firewall.

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ZENEDGE AI™ is a web application firewall that leverages artificial intelligence to dynamically and automatically update security postures to protect web applications from vulnerabilities. Leveraging ZENEDGE’s patent-pending mathematical model based on proprietary machine learning algorithms and big data analysis, ZENEDGE AI inspects web traffic in real-time, identifies threats and behavior anomalies, and dynamically updates security postures accordingly.

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Many enterprises today still rely on the widely adopted signature-based approach to application security. However, this method requires constant tuning and significant human resources. As threat actors and cyber attacks become increasingly more sophisticated and new ‘zero day’ attempts are made to find vulnerabilities in web sites and web applications, enterprises are often left with a large window of exposure as these emerging threats go undetected or unresolved until a patch is available.    

ZENEDGE takes a different approach by offering a next-generation web application firewall based on big data analysis and machine learning to find threat actors proactively.

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The ZENEDGE AI platform is continuously “learning” what malicious and legitimate behaviors look like and identifying patterns in real-time with respect to each enterprise’s web site and applications, as no single model is applicable across all. Common web application attacks such as XSS and SQL injection can be quickly separated out, as every new request that comes in is then evaluated against the model. This better equips enterprises with the ability to identify and mitigate zero-day threats quickly and effectively.

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Adaptive, self-learning AI engine

Real time detection and prevention

Ultra-fast sub-milisecond processing

Stops zero day threats

Zero human intervention

Blocks unusual traffic patterns

Continuously learning

Patent pending