The Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite is now

Oracle Dyn Web Application Security

Zenedge was aquired by Oracle on March 5, 2018.  On June 1st, this site will redirect to where you can continue to find information on products and resources.

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Bot Management  WAF  API Security  DDoS  Malware Protection

Cohesive, integrated management of your cybersecurity, all in one place.

Managed 24x7 by top cybersecurity experts.

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Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite is a multi-tenant hosted platform with globally distributed POPs and geographically dispersed DDoS mitigation centers, coupled with security operation centers monitoring and mitigating attacks 24x7. At the core of the Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite is proprietary machine learning algorithms, coupled with threat intelligence and big data analysis.

Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite includes:

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The Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite elegantly combines everything you need for cybersecurity management into a single platform and dashboard. Rules, alert management, reporting and analysis are all integrated and available through an interactive web-based portal, the Zenedge Control Center. Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite is 100% cloud-based, and is managed 24x7 by a team of global cybersecurity experts. 

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Zenedge Cybersecurity Suite leverages artificial intelligence to dynamically and automatically update security postures to protect web applications from vulnerabilities. Leveraging our patent-pending thematical model based on proprietary machine learning algorithms and big data analysis, the Zenedge platform inspects web and network traffic in real-time, identifies threats and behavior anomalies, and dynamically updates security postures accordingly.

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Zenedge Control Center is an intuitive, web-based dashboard designed to give site and network administrator the power to  configure, view, report on and analyze their cybersecurity postures for WAF, bot management, API security, DDoS and malware protection.

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Cloud-based Web Application Firewall

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Globally Distributed Cloud Infrastructure

Advanced Bot Mitigation and Management

Layer 3/4/7 DDoS protection

Comprehensive API Security

Easy Deployment and Setup

24x7 Monitoring and Support